General services

Whether you maintain a client’s property or your own premises, electrical maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your business running smoothly. From a breakdown call out to larger electrical updates we will be there to help and following are examples of the services we provide, some of which are offered on an estimate-basis only. The list is not all-inclusive, so please do not hesitate to request any special services that do not appear here:


• Repair or replace doors and door closers
• Repair or replace locks
• Install dead bolt locks
• Fit doors and thresholds
• Weather strip doors
• Replace ceiling tile
• Replace cove base
• Replace and repair mailbox posts
• Build bookshelves
• Replace, design or install crown molding and chair rail
• Custom design and build cabinets, mantles, furniture, etc.
• Design and build custom decks


• Install track lighting
• Install doorbells and chimes
• Install outdoor walk lights
• Install 220 outlets
• Install dimmer switches
• Replace or install light fixtures
• Repair lamps, cords and plugs
• Repair and install flourescent fixtures
• Replace and add switches, outlets, fuses, breakers and motors
• Install ceiling fans


• Sell and install carpeting
• Sell and install ceramic, vinyl, parquet and hardwood


• Sell, install and service units
• Start, check and clean units


• Provide painting–interior and exterior
• Supply and install windows and doors
• Supply and install siding, soffit and fascia
• Replace roofs


• Provide space planning
• Provide design consulting
• Provide furniture arrangement
• Recommend color and finish selections
• Make accessory selection and provide installation
• Supply and install custom window treatements
• Supply and install wall coverings
• Provide closet design


• Repair pipe joint leaks
• Repair and snake drain lines
• Repair, replace and snake commodes
• Replace faucets
• Replace hot water tanks
• Caulk sinks and tubs
• Install vanities


• Provide carpet cleaning
• Pressure-wash siding and decks
• Provide a complete preventive maintenance program
• Provide welding (minor repairs)
• Store lawn furniture (on your premises)
• Store awnings (on your premises)
• Clean gutters and downspouts
• Oil motors
• Split logs
• Check home while customer is on vacation